ArcadeLand And Revolve Games Opens Portal Between Metaverses

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ArcadeLand x Revolve Games

ArcadeLand is proud to announce a partnership with Revolve Games, a multifaceted blockchain gaming ecosystem and Metaverse that will open up a whole range of new gaming and earning opportunities for the ArcadeLand Metaverse citizens.

Revolve Games — One Metaverse, Many Games, New GameFi

Revolve Games Concept Art

Revolve Games offers an expansive GameFi ecosystem through its Selestium Metaverse, one full of excitement, exploration, competition and riches.

Selestium is a futuristic universe where players find themselves trying to make a name for themselves in the hypercompetitive and highly advanced intra-galactic societies. Venture out into space fighting enemies, gathering resources, finishing quests, and, ultimately, taking control over lands they can call home. With many more mini-games to come, such as Pylon Defense or the card game Bones and Blades, the Selestium Metaverse is slowly expanding into a blockchain gaming powerhouse.

Revolve Games’ innovative approach to tokenomics aims to better align incentives between the participants in the ecosystem by encouraging and rewarding a more active involvement in it. Their play-to-earn model incorporates performance-based staking rewards, which are based on a weighted points system. Essentially, the more you play and the more experience you acquire, the higher your staking rewards will be.

This approach leads to a healthy in-game economy where, even though passive staking is still welcome, stakers who are also maximally invested and actively participating in the Selestium Metaverse are the ones reaping the greatest rewards.

Building Play-to-Earn Bridges Across The Metaverse

Revolve Games In game screenshot

ArcadeLand aims to make play-to-earn gaming as simple as possible for as many gamers as the world can accommodate. We do that by creating a single portal through which players can access thousands of unique games, all of which are integrated into the greater ArcadeLand Metaverse with all of the necessary builder and GameFi tools.

In the true spirit of the interconnected, interoperable Metaverse, we are thrilled to find such a partner with whom we may collaborate to build yet another bridge to expand the freedom and offerings available to both our communities. Revolve Games is on a similar mission as us, offering a Metaverse and Layer 0 Hub aiming to offer a central location to access all of its games, quests, events, game characters and possessions seamlessly and with ease.

Revolve Games users will get to go wild with the hundreds of titles available through the ArcadeLand platform and the various ways to earn through completing quests, participating in tournaments, learn-to-earn and more. All the while, ArcadeLand’s citizens will enjoy the adventure-filled universe of Selestium and the ecosystem’s appetizing performance-based staking feature — a double whammy for hardcore gamers who also want to earn as they play.

We are very excited about this partnership and look forward to joining forces with Revolve Games to bring all our players a vast selection of games, captivating quests, and new opportunities.

We would, however, be remiss if we didn’t mention the latest development taking place inside the Revolve Games ecosystem — their card game Bones and Blades has recently launched a closed beta, which will be available to $RPG-tethered NFT holders to play before it goes public. So if you’re one of these NFT holders, make sure to claim your access to the closed beta!

If you’re also interested in more new developments around ArcadeLand and Revolve Games, make sure to follow the links to our socials below to stay up to date with all of the exciting stuff we have planned going forward!

About Revolve Games

Revolve Games is redefining GameFi, with a play-to-earn blockchain gaming ecosystem where users earn staking rewards according to their in-game performance. The Revolve gaming mechanics and token utility are delivered through the Revolve Games galactic Metaverse.

Actionable assets in the ecosystem are tethered and representative of an RPG (the native token of Revolve) stake. Simply, these NFTs will need to be returned to the staking contract in order for players to withdraw the corresponding RPG staked. NFT staking contracts can also be bought and sold through the Revolve NFT marketplace. This model ensures that the value of NFTs is always contained within, and supports the value of the native token.

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About ArcadeLand

ArcadeLand is building the Ultimate Gaming Metaverse. Its mission is to deliver the most rewarding experiences with the best selection of high-quality games and an ecosystem designed to serve gamers, developers, and the community to propel the future of gaming.

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