ArcadeLand — April Monthly Newsletter

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ArcadeLand — April Monthly Newsletter

ArcadeLand has made significant progress in April. We’d like to use this occasion to express our gratitude to everyone in our community for their unwavering support. As a result, we are delighted to provide our April newsletter, jam-packed with new game partner reveals!


1. Chance for FREE limited edition NFTs (3 Apr 2022)

2. Interaction on Games Viewers Wishes to Play on ArcadeLand (2 Apr 2022)

3. Proudly Joining Hand with Gunstar Metaverse (8 Apr 2022)


Join Discord for a Grand Giveaway (8 Apr 2022)
Rewards: 300 $USDT

Discord Easter Game Invitation (15 Apr 2022)
Rewards: 5 Discord Nitro


MetaGods x ArcadeLand AMA Recap (8 Apr 2022)


ArcadeLand Lays Emphasis on The Gleam Campaign with MetaGods (3 Apr 2022

Announcement on Collaboration with MetaGods (6 Apr 2022)

Ask to Win on a Massive Collab with MetaGods (6 Apr 2022)

Proudly Joining Hands with Gunstar Metaverse (8 Apr 2022)

Promoting Post of Partnership with Gunstar Metaverse (9 Apr 2022)

Strategic Partnership with Fight Of The Ages (14 Apr 2022)

ArcadeLand Welcomes Wizard Games (21 Apr 2022)

We hope you enjoyed this month’s newsletter! If you have any questions, suggestions, or any other kind of feedback, we’d be happy to hear it via our Twitter.

About ArcadeLand

ArcadeLand is building the ultimate gaming Metaverse. Its mission is to deliver the most rewarding experiences with the best selection of high-quality games and an ecosystem designed to serve gamers, developers, and the community to propel the future of gaming.

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