ArcadeLand Forges Partnership With Arker

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ArcadeLand x Arker

ArcadeLand is thrilled to announce a partnership with Arker, an exciting, action-packed online multiplayer game that challenges its players to battle each other in the Arker Metaverse to gain rewards, upgrade their abilities, and fight for control of the mighty city of Ohm.

Play-to-Earn and Conquer the City In Arker

Arker Battle Gameplay

Arker: The Legend of Ohm is a Binance Smart Chain-powered combat strategy game with Play-to-Earn features, allowing its players to immerse themselves in the Arker universe by playing as one of several mythical Heroes and engaging in battles both with the environment and other players to gain experience and collect token rewards. As you continue to collect rewards by battling opponents and completing quests, you inch closer to your ultimate goal — to regain control over the powerful city of Ohm. Form clans with other players to improve your total combat capacity, or go solo and attempt to dominate the city single-handedly — the decision is up to you!

There are several ways to boost your fighting capabilities and advance further in the game — by collecting items, upgrading abilities, and breeding pets with exceptional abilities to boost your own. The in-game token FoA, won through winning battles with other players and the game environment, allows the player to purchase arks potentially containing rare equipable items, as well as rare pets on the Arker Marketplace. As the players gain experience and tokens, so will they gain the opportunity to upgrade their abilities, which will help them fulfil their ultimate mission.

ArcadeLand and Arker Web3 Metaverses Converge

Arker Skills Preview

ArcadeLand aspires to become the premier Web3 gaming Metaverse and onboard the next billion mainstream gamers by making blockchain-based gaming accessible to everyone. This is the vision of ArcadeLand — to offer a single, easy-to-use platform to access all of their favourite games from one place. We are beyond excited to welcome Arker into our midst, bringing us one step closer to our ultimate goal.

Through the ArcadeLand portal, Arker gamers will get to access not only their favourite game but also hundreds of other titles already present in our virtual arcade. With just a few clicks, players will be able to quickly switch between games without having to install them, all from the comfort of their web browser. Arker’s fully interactive ArcadeLand HQ will also serve as a one-stop shop for veterans, newbies, and the Arker-curious to stay up to date with the latest promotions, game tournaments, and upcoming events.

In addition, Arker P2E features will extend into the ArcadeLand Metaverse, where they’ll get to earn additional rewards and exclusive prizes by completing daily quests, participating in ArcadeLand-native tournaments, contests, special events, airdrops, and more.

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About Arker

Arker is a mythical blockchain-powered online multiplayer game, which places you in the role of a hero who, together with his pet, has to fight against enemies in order to regain control of the kingdom of Ohm. Team up with a clan to achieve your goal, and make use of skills, runes and equipment to upgrade your abilities, and make the incredible PvP and PvE features inside Ohm an unforgettable experience!

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About ArcadeLand

ArcadeLand is building the Ultimate Gaming Metaverse. Its mission is to deliver the most rewarding experiences with the best selection of high-quality games and an ecosystem designed to serve gamers, developers, and the community to propel the future of gaming.

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