ArcadeLand Forges Partnership With Horizon Land

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ArcadeLand x Horizon Land

ArcadeLand is excited to announce a partnership with Horizon Land, an immersive virtual metaverse that offers endless entertainment experiences by allowing players to participate in the creation and monetization of virtual products and services within the Horizon Land Metaverse.

Horizon Land Metaverse – Create and Own Virtual Experiences

The vision of Horizon Land is ambitious and all-encompassing — to build a blockchain-powered virtual world where creators, artists, gamers and entrepreneurs join together to build a full-fledged ecosystem that facilitates all the necessary tools needed for a unique experience in gaming, shopping, music distribution and more.

Through ownership of LAND, users can build, decorate, rent out, or trade their LAND. As a landowner, you can also become a creator who creates and monetizes new digital assets (NFTs) or strike deals with advertisers to place their logo, branded artworks or videos on your property. 

In order to offer a realistic experience in a fully virtual world, Horizon Land Metaverse also offers a range of public works, buildings and areas such as museums, parks, roads, arenas, financial centres and more. Shopping Malls will offer a space for companies and individuals to set up stores and bring a true shopping experience with unlimited product catalogs to the visitors.

Horizon Land also brings a vibrant Game Center that hosts a range of free-to-play/play-to-earn 2D, 3D and AR/VR games built by large game studios and indie creators. Fully equipped with GameFi and SocialFi features, Horizon Land offers game creators and professional gamers the ability to share and monetize their content through streaming, an in-game NFT marketplace, and a creation warehouse, which gives all the necessary tools and environments to create assets and gameplays to share them with others in the Horizon Land Metaverse. 

Bridging ArcadeLand And Horizon Land Metaverses

Through our collaboration with Horizon Land, ArcadeLand gets one step closer towards building a fully immersive and interoperable virtual multiverse where participants can have fun, socialize, work, game, and teleport between different worlds and metaverses to engage in endless new experiences.

ArcadeLand’s easy web2-friendly onboarding and blockchain-optional features will help Horizon Land’s creators, games and businesses expand their market reach and offer new experiences and products to the citizens of ArcadeLand. And with the help of the no-code builder, building game HQs, mini-games, 3D interactive environments, news hubs and more, it becomes exceedingly easy even for the less experienced creators. Furthermore, Horizon Land gamers will get to access hundreds of game titles offered by ArcadeLand, accessible through its browser-native game portal.

As for the citizens of ArcadeLand, they will be welcomed with open hands into the Horizon Land Metaverse, where endless entertainment and earning opportunities abound. Horizon Land will offer them to experience everything ranging from music to shopping, from games to art exhibitions, with a robust set of available building tools that will allow anyone to create assets and experiences within Horizon Land’s Metaverse. The future of virtual life is multi-metaverse and we’re excited to have Horizon Land as our partner.

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About Horizon Land

Horizon Land Metaverse is an immersive virtual world, a complete ecosystem built on blockchain. We provide exquisite entertaining experiences and means to help players monetize their ownership of virtual properties: with GameFi, SocialFi, NFTs, LANDs, DeFi, Entertainment, Education, and AR/VR experiences. In this ecosystem, all stakeholders will get benefit from their participation.

Horizon Land offers a free-to-play and play-to-earn metaverse that captivates players with colorful 2D & 3D fights, occasional gameplay upgrades, and multiplayer capabilities.

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About ArcadeLand

ArcadeLand is building the Ultimate Gaming Metaverse. Its mission is to deliver the most rewarding experiences with the best selection of high-quality games and an ecosystem designed to serve gamers, developers, and the community to propel the future of gaming.

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