ArcadeLand — The Ultimate Gaming Metaverse

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ArcadeLand — The Ultimate Gaming Metaverse

While competition in the metaverse gaming market has undoubtedly been good for innovation, it has resulted in many fragmented ecosystems, the unfortunate aftermath of the ongoing console wars that plague us to this day. From rising entry barriers to a lack of true ownership, no compatibility between games, and few opportunities to benefit from the countless hours poured into gameplay, there are a number of significant gaps to address.

Gamers want to be empowered, creators want to be supported, and the global gamer community is beginning to demand the benefits Web3 technology can bring to this industry. It’s time for an upgrade.

ArcadeLand hears you, and we welcome this challenge to serve all of you better.

Introducing ArcadeLand — The Ultimate Gaming Metaverse

ArcadeLand is an all-in-one blockchain-optional gaming ecosystem that offers:

  • gamers an endless selection of high-quality games, an open-world Metaverse, cross-platform avatars, and the freedom to create and earn in over a dozen ways; and
  • developers the tools and resources need to integrate their libraries of existing games, access additional revenue streams, reward their players, enable new features, and develop new play-to-earn games;
  • community ownership via NFTs, content creation tools, participation in governance through DAO voting, “No-Code” land development, early access to support new games, and other numerous benefits.

The Metaverse for Gamers

Accessibility and compatibility are fundamental to our business model. ArcadeLand is built to cater to the widest audience of 3.2 billion gamers worldwide with a user-friendly, blockchain-optional UI. Our avatar system is cross-platform, cross-game, and compatible with nearly 1400 other games at the time of writing. Accessories you earn for your avatar in our ecosystem have value beyond our virtual ‘walls’ and can be taken with you to be shown off elsewhere.

To address the lack of high-quality games available in the Metaverse, we will feature a variety of tools to allow game developers and studios to easily integrate their games from any engine and platform into our Metaverse. Players will enjoy a full range of games from the classics to modern hits with something for everyone no matter their favorite genre. Gamers can party up with their friends easily to earn together, top the leaderboards, and bring home the loot!

In terms of rewards, we’ve identified 16 ways players can earn from their participation in our ecosystem. The most common being playing games to earn $TICKETs, our flexible reward token, which is output based on gameplay cost and the score or milestones achieved by the player. $TICKETs can then be redeemed for a variety of prizes, from NFTs to digital or physical goods. There will be many free games and options as well, from creating content, selling items in the marketplace, participating in quests, referring friends, joining guilds, and more.

The Platform for Creators

Supporting gaming developers and creators is one of our highest priorities and crucial to bringing the best games into our Metaverse.

One way we envision developers connecting with their audiences is by hosting a virtual headquarters. A place where their fans can interact in a fun and immersive environment to see the latest news, meet the team, shop for items, watch videos, and do all the things that would otherwise go to a website to do.

To support the development and integration of new games, we’ve designed the ArcadeLand Launchpad to offer several levels of tools and services:


Our most basic level of service and the quickest path to bring new games into the Metaverse. Studios can quickly adapt and integrate their games with our SDK, enabling a new revenue stream and incentivizing players with rewards based on score and other milestones. New features can also be enabled, such as weekly tournaments or time attack modes.


ArcadeLand Incubation

To assist with the development of new play-to-earn games, we offer the full might of our resources to only the most promising applicants of our incubation program.

  • Tools
  • Funding Options
  • Advisory
  • Marketing
  • Beta Testing
  • Partnerships
  • Community Building
  • Post-Launch Support

Everything a game development studio needs to properly tokenize and launch while focusing on what they do best, developing the best games possible!


For those with fully-developed games who are nearly prepared for their Initial Game Offering (IGO), we have the IGO program. The IGO program consists of as much as (or as little) as a project needs to maximize its initial push to the eager community. Stringent standards must be met in terms of game quality, tokenomics design, and the team’s track record to ensure their ability to deliver on their roadmap promises. We encourage all who are interested in the IGO program to apply as early as possible for guidance to ensure they will qualify.

The Ecosystem for the Community

ArcadeLand - The Ecosystem for the Community

The importance of community in any cause, mission, or organization cannot be overstated. Therefore we have maximized the role and features available to the gamer community to create, participate, give feedback, and direct the future of games and our ecosystem as a whole.

ArcadeLand will be community-owned, its lands tokenized and developed by its members in a variety of ways, from game headquarters to virtual businesses and everything in between.

ArcadeLand will be community-directed, with major decisions put up to a vote by the DAO. One such example is the direction of the DAO fund, which may choose to either permanently lock away treasury tokens or redistribute them back to the community via promotions to keep the economy healthy and growing.

ArcadeLand will be community-driven, its players participating and rewarded for a variety of activities that propel the ecosystem, including:

  • Voting on new games
  • Completing quests
  • Beta testing
  • Creating content and items
  • Selling your earned or created items
  • Operating businesses
  • Running Masternodes
  • Staking tokens
  • Participating in IGOs
  • Bug reporting
  • Joining guilds or tournaments
  • … and more!

No matter what you’re good at or how you want to contribute, whether you’re a builder, a speculator, a developer, a leader, or a gamer, you can benefit from the thriving economy within ArcadeLand.

To be revealed!

We are excited to release more details on all of our features in future posts in the coming weeks and months as we ramp up our operations. There is much yet to be revealed, including details of our tokenomics, our lands and their uses, our growing selection of games and list of partners, our roadmap, et cetera!

We invite you to join our socials and our waitlist to ensure you don’t miss a thing! We’ll also be sure to include something special for all our early supporters who take these actions 😉 Until next time!

About ArcadeLand

ArcadeLand is building the ultimate gaming Metaverse. Its mission is to deliver the most rewarding experiences with the best selection of high-quality games and an ecosystem designed to serve gamers, developers, and the community to propel the future of gaming.

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