ArcadeLand Welcomes Web3 Life Sim Game Cryptopolis

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ArcadeLand x Cryptopolis

ArcadeLand is proud to announce our partnership with Cryptopolis, a free-to-play P2E social NFT game aimed at the casual gaming market. The life-simulator megahit series The Sims has proven over the past two decades to be enormously popular, even attracting demographics that typically are not known for their passion for video games. Undoubtedly many of our readers themselves can vouch from personal experience for the clear market demand ranging in the tens of millions of players from different walks of life. Cryptopolis is uniquely positioned to offer an engaging blockchain-native life-simulator game that, together with the reach and community of ArcadeLand, can build an extensive and sustainable Metaverse economy for everyone to enjoy.

The Sims Of Crypto

Cryptopolis Screenshot

Cryptopolis’ main focus is to bring blockchain gaming to the masses by creating an accessible, easy-to-use game that incorporates crypto elements seamlessly. Dubbed The Sims of crypto, Cryptopolis is a highly interactive and immersive blockchain game, where users will be tasked with climbing the tower by buying, selling, and trading their way to the top, making friends and competitors along the way. Users will be rewarded with CPO tokens for simply playing the game as the game heavily focuses on user activity.

Its heavy focus on utility for their in-game NFTs, with each NFT representing a certain item (of which there are many) inside the game, allows for infinite ways to develop one’s character and surroundings. Developing different skills will grant players access to mini-games, and enable them to build businesses that offer goods and services for other players, further strengthening the game economy and earning CPO tokens at the same time to further improve their character and possessions, or simply make a profit.

Through frequent gameplay, players get to earn more XP, or Prestige, that will unlock parts of the game for early access, making them eligible for limited edition NFT drops that could be used in-game or traded for profit.

Merging Cryptopolis and ArcadeLand P2E Metaverses

Cryptopolis Screenshot

Whether by pure coincidence or fate, the Cryptopolis Tower and its inhabitants are a perfect fit to join the ArcadeLand Metaverse. ArcadeLand citizens who are fans of the Sim genre will surely be compelled to explore Tower after witnessing it in all its glory, or seeing Cryptopolis featured in the Sim and Free-to-Play categories of the ArcadeLand game dashboard. Cryptopolis Tower residents may decide to venture out for a night on the town with friends in ArcadeLand’s Entertainment District or explore new games to play to scratch that competitive itch all gamers get from time to time. For players and residents of both worlds, this integration means more variety, more friends, more fun, and a more rewarding experience.

ArcadeLand citizens, especially those new to Web3 gaming will enjoy simplified access to Cryptopolis without the need to download a wallet or write down seed words. While more savvy crypto gamers may opt for the enhanced security of doing so, ArcadeLand is entirely blockchain-optional and designed for the mainstream gamer audience who may not have an interest in anything but gaming and earning at this stage of their exploration in the new play and earn niche. These players can enjoy Cryptopolis, earn their rewards in their game as well as level up, earn achievements, get rewards, trade their items, and participate in special events through the ArcadeLand platform.

ArcadeLand’s hundreds of game titles and virtual cities with events, businesses, and entertainment opportunities could function as a natural outdoor extension of the Cryptopolis world to give their players a world to roam. Users will be able to seamlessly transition between the Metaverses through the ArcadeLand platform all while getting access to additional rewards by completing quests, earning achievements, and competing in tournaments.

Cryptopolis is one of the rare breeds of upcoming Web3 titles that places a lot of value and attention on the quality of the game, with the crypto aspects coming second where they truly fit. By focusing on creating a robust game economy with a lot of potential for self-sustainability, such as building businesses, the game truly has the potential to bring crypto to the masses.

For more events, giveaways, and updates on ArcadeLand and Cryptopolis, make sure to follow all of the relevant social channels!

About Cryptopolis

Cryptopolis is a free to play, play to earn social NFT game that is focussing on bringing blockchain gaming to the masses in this casual game. An open world game that is only limited by the player’s imaginations. Can you buy, sell and trade your way to the top and become the talk of the tower? Join the closed alpha in June and find out for yourself.

Closed Alpha Registration

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