ArcadeLand’s Ecosystem & Vision

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ArcadeLand Ecosystem & Vision

ArcadeLand ecosystem will provide the global gaming community of over 3.2 billion users with an innovative and rewarding metaverse experience. With an easy-to-use and familiar user interface, ArcadeLand gives all members of the gaming space — including gamers, developers, and community members — the freedom to explore, create, play and earn.

This one-of-a-kind play-to-earn metaverse combines the benefits of the blockchain gaming sector with mainstream games in a single platform, bringing the best of both worlds together for the ultimate experience. ArcadeLand has secured over 163 popular titles so far and will continue to increase this number before the official launch of the platform.

Our goal is to present gamers with a seamless experience including the widest variety of high-quality games without lengthy downloads or installation processes, essentially making ArcadeLand the only gaming interface players will ever need. Players can share links to instantly join their friend’s game through our “one-click gaming” feature, offering a seamless experience to all.

ArcadeLand Opportunities — Play and Create to Earn

ArcadeLand Opportunities

ArcadeLand offers a number of ways to earn including tournaments, quests, content creation, and beta testing. Here are a few of the highlights:

Playing games to earn rewards: 

Players can earn tickets by playing games. Tickets serve as a stable and flexible unit of rewards that may be redeemed for all sorts of prizes including game items, NFTs, digital goods, or even physical prizes.


ArcadeLand games will feature regular and special tournaments where the best players can earn rewards. Many games will host free weekly tournaments that pay out the top players on the leaderboard. There will also be special tournaments with entry fees and large prizes for the most popular games.


Tokens, experience, Tickets, and other rewards can be earned by gamers who complete a variety of quests. Quests could range from trying new games, finding randomly placed/hidden items, completing tasks, etc. New quests will be available daily for all players to keep them engaged.

Land development: 

Land within ArcadeLand will be largely owned and operated by the community. Landowners may choose to develop their lands into games, businesses, shops, experiences, homes, or anything they can think of. The only limit is their imagination! Our No-Code Builder tools make land development easy.

Guilds and scholarship:

Guilds are gaming organizations of the web3 space that connect players to teach, strategize, collaborate, and maximize earnings. Some players have high-value game items but either can’t make use of them all or simply do not have enough time to play. Some skilled players have time to play but do not have the resources to purchase or have not yet acquired these powerful items. ArcadeLand will include native features to support guild functions such as item delegation.

Learn to Earn: 

Players curious about blockchain can earn rewards with Learn to Earn mini-lessons. Players can earn NFTs, tickets, tokens, and other rewards by learning about different blockchains, games, and applications and completing short quizzes. Free education that pays you, imagine that!

Beta testing: 

Game developers can invite gamers to partake in beta testing for upcoming games. Beta testing helps developers to discover issues, imbalances, and improve their games before the final release. Players may earn various rewards for their work and feedback during this process.

Bug reporting: 

Despite extensive testing, with each game release there is always the chance for bugs. Players will be rewarded for reporting bugs to help the game developers to find and quickly fix them before they cause issues for everyone. This not only improves the game but also helps to combat potential abuse.

Referral programs: 

Invite your friends to ArcadeLand with a welcome bonus and receive rewards! A two-way incentive program will encourage the rapid growth of the ecosystem.

Affiliate programs

Affiliates may earn large rewards for activities such as successfully referring new partners, games, or promoting ArcadeLand to their streaming audiences.

User-Generated Content (UGC):

ArcadeLand will provide tools to create UGC items such as building materials, game items, avatar accessories, etc. Users may then sell these items on the marketplace or in a shop of their own to other players.

Acquiring and selling NFTs: 

NFTs may be acquired through various means, whether through gameplay, finding, earning, creating, or buying. These can then be sold to other players via the marketplace or a player’s own shop.

Bounties and airdrops: 

The launch of new games, especially those of the crypto variety, are often accompanied by promotions where users may perform tasks to earn rewards. These tasks range from reviewing the game on YouTube, performing tasks on social media, signing up for newsletters, inviting friends, etc.

Masternodes and staking:

To power the games and secure the ecosystem landowners may operate masternodes that grant them additional commissions from the games hosted on their space. Masternodes require $ARCADE tokens to operate which also serve as an incentive for bug reporting and security deposit against fraudulent activity. The community may also stake their $ARCADE tokens with these masternodes to earn rewards.

Our Vision

We want to bring the magic of play to earn gaming mainstream, leave the complexity behind and eliminate the entry barriers stopping gamers worldwide from earning more.

Our vision is that of a fairer world where everyone has the ability to and is encouraged to earn by doing what they love. Each of the earning opportunities listed above are not only good for the players earning rewards, but also simultaneously benefit the entire ArcadeLand ecosystem, including the game developers, the community, and others. We are building a mighty engine that will propel the future of gaming by connecting the players, developers, and the surrounding community together to support each other to achieve this common goal. Better games, better experiences, better rewards for everyone.

Stay tuned, we have so much more to share with you 😉

About ArcadeLand

ArcadeLand is building the ultimate gaming Metaverse. Its mission is to deliver the most rewarding experiences with the best selection of high-quality games and an ecosystem designed to serve gamers, developers, and the community to propel the future of gaming.

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